Clam Digging

Clamming has been an Island tradition for centuries as evidenced by the many middens uncovered by archaeological digs on Prince Edward Island.

As the tide recedes, more of the sandy shoreline will appear and offshore sandbars are exposed. The Tryon Shoal is one of these and a favorite of south shore residents looking for a feed of clams.

Before paddling out to your clamming experience your adventure will begin with some basic kayak instruction to get you on the water and moving as efficiently as possible. Once on the shoal we will try various methods of clamming and explore the variety of sea life.

No doubt, lots of fresh air and a bit of exercise will stimulated your appetite so upon return to shore we create a beach side chowder for you to enjoy.

You'll be as happy as a clammer at low tide.

$110 per person / $90 (under 12-years)

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